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Vladimir Erofeev
Nikolai Vatin
Irina Maksimova
Oleg Tarakanov
Yana Sanyagina
Irina Erofeeva
Oleg Suzdaltsev


In recent years, self-compacting concrete mixtures have been widely used. Such mixtures are characterized by high workability without the use of vibration exposure. The application of innovative technologies allows manufactoring of various materials and products for architectural and construction purposes with improved decorative properties. The paper provides the results of a study on the selection of compositions for decorative-finishing powder-activated concrete with a granular surface texture according to rheological properties, strength and frost resistance had been adopted.

The following components were adopted for the research. Egyptian white cement was used as a binder, microquartz as a microfiller, screenings of crushing granite and cooper slag of 0–0.63 mm fraction was used as a finely dispersed component, granite cuts 0.63–5.0 mm and cooper slag of 0.63–2.5 mm fraction as an aggregate sand. A new generation superplasticizer of domestic and foreign productionplasticized the mixtures. Structural and rheotechnological parameters of powder-activated concretes were calculated.

From the obtained values of the conditional rheological criteria of powder-activated concretes, it follows that all of them are much greater than unity and characterize a significant excess of the volumes of rheological matrices over the volumes of fine-grained, coarse-grained components that fit into them with large separation of particles and grains.

Strength as a complex mechanical characteristic, including a combination of strength, reliability and durability criteria, is the most important quality parameter of the concrete structure as an active and the most massive building material for structural purposes. A significant number of facilities made of concrete and reinforced concrete are being built in the southern and northern regions, characterized by extreme climatic conditions. Buildings and structures are exposed to cyclic loadings of various types and climatic influences, characterized by cyclic manifestations of negative and alternating temperatures. The research revealed high indicators of strength and frost resistance of decorative powder-activated concretes with a granular surface texture.


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Erofeev, V., Vatin, N., Maksimova, I., Tarakanov, O., Sanyagina, Y., Erofeeva, I., & Suzdaltsev, O. (2022). POWDER-ACTIVATED CONCRETE WITH A GRANULAR SUR-FACE TEXTURE. International Journal for Computational Civil and Structural Engineering, 18(4), 49-61. https://doi.org/10.22337/2587-9618-2022-18-4-49-61


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