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Anastasia Karakozova
Vladimir Mondrus


Subject of the research: Today, the design of flexible, extended in length and height structures of transport, industry, communication is one of the important directions of construction development. Such structures include continuous extended metal constructions such as chimneys, poles, billboards, monuments, bridges, pipelines. Besides ensuring the limit states for strength and deformability, there is another important condition for the durable operation of metal structures which is the absence of aerodynamic instability phenomena (mainly wind resonance) during the whole service life. Objectives: Review of the background, analysis of accidents that have occurred, proposals to avoid such situations at the design stage and in the occurrence of emergency conditions at existing facilities. Materials and methods: Review and analysis of existing data and proposals for further improvement of calculation and design methods. Results: The paper analyzes the mechanisms of the main types of aerodynamic instability (wind resonance, flutter, galloping, oscillations in the airfoil) on different types of structures, presents particular cases of the history of famous unique constructions and the authors' calculation practice, describes the ways to avoid this type of phenomena in the design of new buildings or in emergency situations on existing structures. Conclusions: The phenomena described in the article are applicable to an extremely narrow area of construction and are often ignored in calculation and design. This article is intended to draw special attention to these phenomena not only for designers, but also for research engineers in order to create new mechanisms for their analysis.


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Karakozova, A., & Mondrus, V. (2023). RESONANT VORTEX EXCITATION OF HIGH-RISE STRUCTURES. International Journal for Computational Civil and Structural Engineering, 19(2), 60-70.


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