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Nikolay Aniskin
Stanislav Sergeev
Ilia Bokov


In this paper, the solution of a joint temperature filtration problem is considered in relation to a soil dam in a cryolithozone. The dam is designed according to one of the principles adopted for the design and construction of structures in such climatic conditions. A description of the methodology used is given. Using the PLAXIS software package, a numerical solution to the problem was obtained, taking into account the phased construction of the structure, repair and reconstruction of the structure caused by the occurrence of an emergency situation after rapid filling of the reservoir. The obtained results of solving the temperature filtration problem revealed problems with ensuring the "frozen" regime of the structure and the need to take additional measures for this.


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Aniskin, N., Sergeev, S., & Bokov, I. (2024). FILTRATION AND TEMPERATURE REGIME OF A FROZEN-TYPE SOIL DAM IN THE CRYOLITHOZONE. International Journal for Computational Civil and Structural Engineering, 20(1), 143–153.


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