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Alexander Potapov
Nail Tazeev


An active method of suppressing wind auto-oscillations of an overground gas pipeline model is considered, which allows the system to be tuned from the resonant frequency by changing its design scheme with the help of a vibration damping device operating on the principle of one-way con-nection (OWC). A new mathematical model of vibrations with a symmetric form of natural vibrations of the system is proposed. Variants of vibration models with one and two OWC, located in the central span of the design scheme of the gas pipeline, are considered. The implementation of a non-stationary dynam-ic process is carried out within the framework of the theory of temporal analysis for a model of an over-ground gas pipeline in the form of a multi-span continuous beam with point masses located in the design sections of the model. The equation of motion is presented in the matrix form of the Duhamel integral, taking into account internal friction, which follows the disproportionate damping model. Computer simu-lation of the problem for a system with 39 degrees of freedom is carried out. The kinematic and force pa-rameters of the dynamic response of the dissipative system are obtained, a comparative analysis of the proposed oscillation model for the design models with one and two OWC is given, and the efficiency of the model with two OWC is shown.


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Potapov, A., & Tazeev, N. (2023). TIME ANALYSIS OF A CONSTRUCTIVELY NONLINEAR SYSTEM WITH ONE-WAY CONNECTIONS. International Journal for Computational Civil and Structural Engineering, 19(1), 135–146. https://doi.org/10.22337/2587-9618-2023-19-1-135-146


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