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Vladimir Kolchunov
Sergey Bulkin


The developed design diagram of the ultimate resistance of reinforced concrete structures in bending with torsion of circular cross-sections most fully reflects the features of their actual exploitation. For a spatial crack of a diagonal large ellipse, sections are taken in the form of a swirling propeller with concave and convex spatial parabolas from the first and second blocks between vertical transverse circular sections from the beginning to the end of the crack. For practical calculations in compressed and tensioned concrete, a polyline section of three sections is considered: two longitudinal trapezoids and the third middle section of the radius curve of a small ellipse close to forty-five degrees. When calculating unknown forces, solutions of the equations of equilibrium and deformations of the sections are made up to the end of the crack passing through the moment points for the resultant moments and the projections of internal and external forces. Shear torsional stresses along the linear longitudinal sections of the trapezoid were presented, as well as normal and shear stresses located on the end cross-sections at a distance x from the support. The height of the compressed area of concrete decreases with an increase in bending moments in the spatial section between the first and third cross-sections. It is found in their relationships and connections. The dowel action of reinforcement is determined using a special model of the second level with discrete constants. The static loading scheme was considered from the standpoint of an additional proportional relationship between the torques along the length of the bar in the spatial section and the first and third transverse sections. For a dangerous spatial crack, when projected onto the horizontal axis, the length C was found from a diagonal large ellipse of a round bar.


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Kolchunov, V., & Bulkin, S. (2021). CALCULATION SCHEME OF REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURES OF CIRCULAR CROSS-SECTION UNDER BENDING WITH TORSION. International Journal for Computational Civil and Structural Engineering, 17(3), 63-82.

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