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Arseniy Babaytsev
Sergey Lopatin
Fedor Nasonov


Low specific weight and high mechanical strength (especially at elevated temperatures) of titanium and its alloys make them very valuable aviation materials. In the field of aircraft construction and aircraft engine production, titanium is increasingly replacing aluminum and stainless steel. At present, aircraft developers are restructuring the whole material science concept of aircraft construction, actively involving and using various types of composite materials based on titanium alloys. Combined with the properties of titanium, FML composites based on titanium have greater stiffness, impact resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance especially compared to similar aluminum-based materials. The paper investigates the dynamic characteristics of hybrid titanium-polymer composite materials (TPCM) based on titanium alloy BT-23 and fiberglass with a brief presentation of the main characteristics of prepregs. The process of manufacturing specimens for testing including heat treatment, ply laying scheme and reinforcement scheme in two variants is described. The results of experimental studies of natural frequencies and damping coefficient by the method of free damped oscillations in free oscillations of TPCM plates are presented. The tests are carried out on a specially designed unit with a triangulation sensor in the variant of vertical loading. Two identical specimens with different overall dimensions are tested.Each specimen was tested with a different amplitude. Five tests were conducted for each amplitude. The physical constants of the specimens were pre-determined in static tests. The natural frequencies and damping coefficients for the titanium-polymer composite specimens were found.


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Babaytsev, A., Lopatin, S., & Nasonov, F. (2024). STUDY OF DYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS OF HYBRID TITANIUM-POLYMER COMPOSITE MATERIALS. International Journal for Computational Civil and Structural Engineering, 20(1), 109–115.


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