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Oleg Mkrtichev
Salima Mingazova


One of the effective methods for ensuring seismic resistance of buildings and structures located in seismic-prone areas is the use of an active seismic protection system. The most common at present is an active seismic protection system based on seismic isolation. Seismic isolations in the form of rubber-metal (RMB) and pendulum sliding bearings (PSB) have gained great popularity in our country and abroad. Also known seismic isolation in the form of a sliding belt at the foundation level. Unlike RMB and PSB, the sliding belt is easier to manufacture, install, maintain, however, it is less studied and there are still a lack of sufficient design justifications. In this study, the effectiveness of a seismic isolating sliding belt at the foundation level with PTFE plates was investigated: a methodology for calculating a building with seismic isolating sliding belt at the foundation level using the direct dynamic method was developed; studies were conducted on the influence of the friction coefficient of the friction minimization component on the effectiveness of the anti-seismic sliding belt using the example of a 9-story monolithic reinforced concrete building under one-component seismic excitation. As a result of the calculations, graphs of relative displacements and accelerations, stress intensity, also pictures with displacement isofields, stress intensity and deformations were obtained. The analysis of the obtained results shows that the most effective component for friction minimization is the use of PTFE plates.


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Mkrtichev, O., & Mingazova, S. (2023). NUMERICAL ANALYSIS OF ANTISEISMIC SLIDING BELT PERFORMANCE. International Journal for Computational Civil and Structural Engineering, 19(2), 161–171.



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