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Alexander Marutyan
Avetik Abovyan


A new technical solution for the mounting joints of metal structures in the form of bolted joints on oblique flanges located at an angle of 30 degrees relative to the longitudinal axes of the rod elements and equipped with support tables is given. In such joints, the longitudinal forces that fall on the flanges are decomposed into normal and tangential (tangential) components. Normal components are transmitted to bolted fasteners, and tangents are perceived by support tables. At the same time, in oblique flanges, the bolts are loaded two times less than in straight ones. Butt joints have the necessary and sufficient bearing capacity, provide a reduction in the consumption of structural material and are equally strong with docked rod elements. A practical method for calculating such compounds is proposed, confirmed by the results of a trial (control) series of studies of prototypes.


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Marutyan, A., & Abovyan, A. (2023). ROD BUTT BOLTS BOLT JOINTS OF TENSION RODS USING SLANTING FLANGES. International Journal for Computational Civil and Structural Engineering, 19(1), 112–123.


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