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Olga Tusnina
Anatoliy Alekseytsev


Modular blocks are widely used in industrial and civil engineering both as stand-alone structures and combined into block-modular buildings. Modular block consists of the load bearing frame, wall fencing, roof and floor decking. The modular block, with wall fencing made of corrugated sheet continuously welded to the beams, is a spatial system, with beams and corrugated webs working together. The steel modular block for the gas pumping unit on a gas turbine power plant is considered in the paper. Assessment of the corrugated web thickness effect on the load bearing capacity of the block is performed. Numerical investigation of stress-strain state of the blocks with different thickness of corrugated web is carried out by the finite element method. The values of the ultimate destructive load on the blocks with different thickness of the corrugated web are determined. The values of the allowable load on the block and the criteria for its limitation have been established depending on the stress-strain state of the block and the causes of destruction. For comparison, a calculation was made of a block with walls made of sandwich panels that are not included in the work of the frame. It is determined that ultimate load on the block with corrugated webs is 1,5-6 times greater than on the block with wall sandwich panels.


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Tusnina, O., & Alekseytsev, A. (2024). NUMERICAL ANALYSIS OF STRESS-STRAIN STATE OF THE STEEL MODULAR BLOCK WITH CORRUGATED WEBS. International Journal for Computational Civil and Structural Engineering, 20(2), 60-75.


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