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Nikolay Trekin
Emil Kodysh
Sergey Shmakov
Tere Terekhov
Konstantin Kudyakov


Constructive measures taken to ensure the integrity of the entire building or its part in emergency situations with design based on the existing criteria of the limiting state method leads to a significantincrease of the construction cost. One of the ways to reduce additional costs of construction while the protection design against progressive collapse is the possible use of additional reserves of deformability of load-bearing elements. It leads to redistribution of loads and the use of non-destroyed structures. It also leads to possible changes of limiting states in non-standard emergency design situations, taking into account the peculiarities of the operation of structures in a special limiting state at a stage close to destruction. In the GOST 27751-2014 «Reliability for constructions and foundations. General principles» calculated states of the firstand second groups of limiting states are given, and for a special limiting state only the area of its permissible application is indicated. The work of reinforced concrete structures at the stage close to the depletion of the load-bearing capacity is little reflectedin the scientificand technical literature; the work of reinforced concrete structures at the unloading stage due to the redistribution of forces is represented in single publications. The article presents theoretical studies based on experimental data on the deformation of bent reinforced concrete beam elements at a stage close to the maximum load-bearing capacity and at the stage of unloading up to the transformation of a structural element into a mechanism. The influenceof the longitudinal reinforcement, the class of reinforcement, prestressing and the concrete strength on the deformation of reinforced concrete bending elements is considered in the article. The research of the behavior of structural elements continuation at this stage is relevant and contributes to the development of economical and rational design solutions for protection against progressive collapse and in the design of earthquake-resistant buildings.


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Trekin, N., Kodysh, E., Shmakov, S., Terekhov, T., & Kudyakov, K. (2021). DETERMINATION OF THE CRITERIA OF DEFORMATION IN A SPECIAL LIMITING STATE. International Journal for Computational Civil and Structural Engineering, 17(1), 108–116.

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